Our products and services have been developed both in conventional and organic agriculture using the required knowledge and experience.

We provide the following products:

Company plan
• economical
• technical

Transition plan
• from conventional into organic

• enterprise development
• economy
• cultivation
• organic seeds and young plants >
• sustainable soil management
• manuring
• soil cultivation
• sustainable weed control and weed eradication
• crop protection
• biodiversity
• nature management
• mechanisation
• product preservation
• sustainable energy
• green raw materials
• subsidies


Project management

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The contents of our products and services you request from us are tailored to your position and requirements as much as possible.
This allows us to provide custom-made solutions.

Following are some examples of the possible contents of various products.

Company plan

If you are confronted with a fundamental choice relating to a company takeover, transition to organic agriculture, other cultivation or investments in machines or new development, a company plan may provide important support.
After your order, we will discuss your ideas and plans, if any, with you and make an analysis of the current situation. We then thoroughly discuss the possible plans as well as the results with you, after which we provide clear advice based on those results.
This advice is elaborated into a surveyable plan.
The plan is also suitable for you to show when discussing matters with your bank.

  • You receive a high-quality overview of the current strategy and the financial consequences of possible choices.
  • The company plan allows for a clear representation of the optimal and feasible company situation.
  • The company plan is an important backing in the case of requests for financing.
  • Transition plan

    In what situations might a transition plan be useful?
    Suppose, in view of the positive market developments, you have decided to convert your company into an organic enterprise and to do this based upon a proper plan.

    Our procedure
    An entire transition plan consists of various components, one of which is a step-by-step plan indicating the crops that are to be maintained or cancelled, and which crops are most suitable to be included in the cropping plan.
    We then formulate a crop rotation plan and outline the optimum procedure for your organic cropping plan.
    In consultation, the transition plan can be increased with a financial plan, a labour plan and a fertilising scheme.

  • You are provided with a clear image of your company after the transition to the components you select.
  • You can base your decision to convert on convincing research results.
  • You are properly prepared to start with the transition.
  • Advice for the development of your company

    If you wish to draw up a plan for the future of your company, we can provide clear and well-founded advice.
    To this end, we engage in a discussion with you and list your personal and company basic assumptions in a clear manner. Using an analysis of strengths and weaknesses, we make a clear picture of your opportunities and threats; opportunities are tested for feasibility. After that, we formulate the objectives and elaborate them into a strategic plan.

  • You are provided with insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your company.
  • You are aware of the opportunities in and threats to your company.
  • You are in a position to consciously make the right choices for yourself as well as your company.
  • Advice for sustainable soil management

    It is a well-known phenomenon: you notice that the soil is not improving as regards structure and fertility, which you would like to see differently. After all, you know that a good soil is the basis for high-quality crop yields, particularly in organic agriculture and horticulture, but also for any other soil-bound cultivation method.
    We can advise you about the measures to be taken, such as dewatering, administering organic matter and optimum tilling in order to improve soil structure and soil fertility.

  • You gain increased insight into the options of soil improvement
  • Possibly improved crop quality and yields
  • Fertiliser recommendation

    In our fertilising recommendation, optimum nutrition of the soil and crops takes centre stage. Based on soil data, crop requirements and opportunities, we provide advice about the most optimal fertilisation.

  • Promotion of the soil fertility of your company
  • Your crops avail of sufficient nutritive substances